Guidelines on How to be a Man in the 21st Century
Times have changed since the age of our forefathers. There is a crisis of identity exhibited by the 21st century man.
There are complications that are experienced when trying to define manhood in the current society.
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The best strategy into becoming a better man is an understanding of how to coexist with different people.
A man in the 21st century is one that has identified their priorities and desired accomplishments. This is due to the reason that your relevance as a man will be aligned to the desired accomplishment. A man in the 21st century is enlightened to pursue their inborn purpose in life as opposed to fulfilling the expectations of relatives parents and even the society. The next factor that a true man will always have is a good value system.
A man should not always be arrogant and brute.
Humanity has inborn sensitivity towards other people’s feelings and needs and that should always be the case.
And therefore bulling, use of abusive language and harmful physical force is a display of weakness and avoid within the manhood system.
Insight and enlightenment have been used over and over to gauge the plains of manhood in the society.
Enlightenment should be used as a tool to steer inner peace with oneself and the society at large and relation to your role and position in the world.
The modern Man pursuits for inner peace with self and the globe has led to the mushrooming over yoga activities and meditation protocols.
It has been very confusing for the modern man when it comes to the gender roles.
Due to the changing times the role of man in the society has been taking a lot of reforms.
What is being experienced is a wiping out of the boundaries set when it comes to division of labour and roles in the family setting.
Mode of operation in the modern family is by agreement and mutual support for one another.
The modern man is also shaped by the fatherhood system that is in place.
In the current society it is acceptable for a man to be a stay at home dad raising the children and babysitting down.
As you work on becoming a real man ensure to be easy on yourself since this takes time and requires a huge deal of patience.
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