Should I use a blender or should I buy a juicer?

We often hear these questions in our counseling sessions. There is no clear and unequivocal answer to these questions, as both mixing and juicing have their pros and cons and are also dependent on personal demands and individual tastes. In this article we try to shed light on differences, advantages & disadvantages of mixing and juicing.

What happens when mixing with a high-performance mixer and what can I achieve with a good blender?
Health Benefits:
When mixing a green smoothie with a good high-performance mixer, the entire plant including all fibers is processed. The result is a fiber-rich full-value juice. This smoothie is more of a meal than a drink. By processing with a high-performance mixer, it is also easier to digest in relation to solid food, since it has already been “pre-digested” by the mixer. Prerequisite is that the smoothie is still saliva while drinking in the mouth, so that the enzymes in the saliva in the digestive process can participate. With smoothies, I can produce filling, semi-liquid meals with a high density of nutrients. By using a good high performance mixer, the hard plant fibers are pulverized and our body is even able to extract the proteins and amino acids from the fibers of green plants. Many vegans have been able to solve their protein deficiency problem with green smoothies. Above all, the “inventor” of green smoothies, Victoria Boutenko. Pure herbivores such as cows and horses manage to cover their entire protein needs with green plants with their special long digestive system. This is not so easy for humans. Furthermore, all vital substances and the valuable chlorophyll of the green plants are included in this meal. By mixing green leaves with fruit, just for people who want to improve their dietary habits, getting started tastes bearable, as the sweetness of the fruit, the often slightly bitter and own taste of green plants dubbed.

Time savings:
The handling of a mixer is very simple and time-saving, since the preparation time is very short and a blender can be flushed quickly. For people who prefer a comfortable way of vital nutrition, just the thing. Furthermore, you can do a lot more with a good high-performance mixer than just smoothies. So, for example, preparing soups is much faster than in the traditional way. You put the raw vegetables, roughly cut, plus all the other ingredients directly into the blender and puree the mixture to a fine soup within 60-180 seconds. The cumbersome precooking of the vegetables, which is usually only made to mash it with a blender or a simple household mixer, falls away. In this Vorkochen already most vital substances are destroyed, The minerals are boiled and often poured with the water. Minerals are very important in the diet because many diseases are caused by mineral deficiencies. With a high-performance mixer, all the minerals in the soup are preserved. This can either be consumed as a raw food soup after the short blending or you can warm or boil the soup just for a short while to eat it afterwards. This form of preparation is much gentler and time-saving. This can either be consumed as a raw food soup after the short blending or you can warm or boil the soup just for a short while to eat it afterwards. This form of preparation is much gentler and time-saving. This can either be consumed as a raw food soup after the short blending or you can warm or boil the soup just for a short while to eat it afterwards. This form of preparation is much gentler and time-saving.

Creativity & Lifestyle in the kitchen:
However, a good high performance mixer can do much more. Raw salads, salsa, dips, pretzels, sauces and marinades are prepared in no time at all. With some devices even the preparation of almond nut or nut butter in a few minutes is no problem and also the popular vegan milk alternatives, such as hemp milk, almond milk or sojamich is done with good mixers in no time. With our favorites, the Blendtec blenders, even kneading bread dough from the flour previously ground in a blender is quite easy. You see, the possibilities are manifold.

Advantages of a high-performance mixer:
• high-fiber (fiber-rich) & lively food
• high density of vital substances, chlorophyll & proteins become bioavailable
• versatile use brings savings in the preparation times of various dishes
• Creativity & fun while preparing meals
• quick cleaning after mixing
What happens when juicing with a good Slow Juicer? Which results do I get?
Juicers are produced with juicers. Juices are usually relatively thin and unlike smoothies and rather to classify as a drink. Juices usually contain very few fibers, because juicing separates solid fibers from the cell water of a plant or fruit. It is best if the Entsaftungsprozess very gently, without heat and without Sauerstoffeinwirbelung happens. Steam extractors destroy most of the vital substances due to the effect of heat, but the juice is thus preserved for a long time. The widespread centrifuges, on the other hand, due to their high speed, during the juicing process, whirl up a lot of oxygen into the juice and destroy the sensitive enzymes by oxidation.
Health benefits of a good juicer or slow juicer

By contrast, the modern Slow Slow Juicer press very gently. The material to be pressed is crushed at the lowest speeds and then slowly pressed through a sieve. There is no heat and no oxygen is whirled up. The result is a lively, fresh, vital-rich juice, which can also act as a thirst quencher and is the essence of a fruit or plant.
These lively juices are very quickly digestible and the nutrients very quickly bioavailable. Juices are even tolerated by babies or very old people who have digestive problems even with smoothies. There are many minerals in the raw juice that are easily absorbed by the body. The fact that the fibers are removed at the Seft, of course, larger quantities can be absorbed, as if you have to digest all affiliated fibers with. The essence of a 1kg carrot is an average of 500 – 800 ml of juice. This amount of juice is certainly much easier to absorb than to eat the whole kilo of carrots.
For cancer treatment or in detoxification therapies are often performed successfully in alternative medicine juice cures. These juice cures aim to consume large amounts of fresh juice to produce excess vital nutrients and minerals, replenish depots, eliminate deficiency symptoms and initiate detoxification processes.
You can even make smoothies using a vertical juicer (eg Hurom HG & HH, Zebra Whole Slow Juicer, Kuvings) with the coarse strainer, but rather fruit smoothies and no classic real green smoothies.
The story of Slow Juicer
The famous Dr. Norman Walker had cancer in his 50s and healed himself with lots of fresh, self-pressed juices. He kept on drinking fresh juices every day and was still lecturing on the benefits and benefits of fresh juices and raw food on health in old age. There are many wrong ages from him. Some sources claim he was 115 years old. However, his birth and date of death is documented (born January 4, 1886 in Genoa, † June 6, 1985 in Cottonwood). after all, he was a respectable 99 years old and was the co-founder of Natural HygieneMovement in the United States. According to his theory, the diet of raw food in conjunction with many fresh fruit and vegetable juices is the optimal form of nutrition for humans. He developed his own juicer, which is still traded under the name Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer . This juicer is not available in Europe, but you can import it from the USA. The Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer costs about 2500 USD. With an import to Germany one comes including transport, customs and value added tax easily on 3000-4000 euro. You see, an expensive fun.
The modern Slow Juicer, however, have implemented the concept approach of this gentle juicer in various ways. First, the slow crushing of the pressed material takes place. Thereafter, the comminuted material is pressed slowly through a sieve medium. When Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer is the shredded pressed material in a special fabric bag filled and squeezed out completely by a hydraulic press. The method is very effective and the result is a fiber-poor juice. The handling is, however, relatively cumbersome for a quick deployment. With the modern slow juicers, the crushed pressed material, depending on the system, is gently pressed through rollers by rollers or screws. The remaining small amounts of fiber residues in the juice can be filtered off in seconds using a filter cloth or a filter frog (nut milk bag ). The result is a delicious, raw & vibrant juice that Norman Walker would have liked to drink.
Walker and other scientists have found that the toxins that enter the plants and fruits through environmental pollution, are mainly in the fiber portions and remain in the so-called pomace during juicing. So much more toxins could be detected in the pomace, as in the juice itself. Of course, this point speaks just for the juicing.
Advantages of using a gentle juicer:
• lively & vitality-rich drinks
• high mineral content
• Essence of large quantities of fruits, vegetables & plants can be absorbed
• lowest digestion effort
• most toxins are left behind in the pomace
Conclusion? Blender or juicer? What is better now?
We believe that neither is better or worse. The question: mixer or juicer? is not the right question. Is not it rather that both methods have their advantages and peculiarities that can complement each other perfectly?
With the blender, I tend to produce meals and dishes and with the juicer wonderful fresh drinks. In combination, I get a variety of preparation forms and flexible ways to make my diet delicious, balanced and multi-faceted.
Disadvantages of the juicer over the mixer?
• Cleaning effort is slightly higher
Disadvantages of the mixer over the juicer?
• The toxins bound in the fibers remain intact
• Mixing damages some of the enzymes
Why does a freshly squeezed juice oxidize faster than a green smoothie?
The juice is completely unprotected exposed to oxidation without cell walls, so it should be optimally drunk within 15 minutes or at least hermetically sealed. Since there are many antioxidants in the cell walls and these are in the smoothie, there is a small buffer that protects against oxidation. With juices, you can of course add some lemon juice to slow down the oxidation.
What have we done?
We have noticed that we do not want to decide between high-performance mixers and juicers, but we have hardly any other kitchen utensils apart from a good dehydrator. We started with the green smoothies some years ago, drank our good filtered water, but sometimes we naturally wanted a delicious real juice. Unfortunately, you can not do that very well with a mixer, it would of course be according to the Norman Walker method, but it would still require a press.
So, besides the best mixers, we also looked for good juicer presses and, of course, collected a lot of experience and knowledge and made our interests a profession. This is how this Green Pearl online shop came about.
Today you will find in our online shop, the best high-performance mixers, juicers, juicers and Slow Juicer with different technologies, each with their own characteristics and have special strengths and weaknesses.
Our advice is based on our own experience.
This is exactly where our consulting service starts. We know the strengths and weaknesses of individual techniques and models. Especially when it comes to juicing: it does not give it the perfect juicer! There can only be the best juicer for your needs. You need to know your priorities before you buy, because not a single model can do it all equally well. In our article: What should I pay attention to buy juicer? Let’s take a closer look at the differences. For the purchase of a good high-performance mixer , we have in the article: What should I pay attention to buy the mixer? revealed part of our experience.
Take the shortcut!
If you want to make it easy when deciding on the right juicer, slow juicer or high performance blender, then just take the shortcut and call us. Just tell us your expectations and we will give you the appropriate recommendations. We are happy to provide you with a cheap package of 2 good devices to fulfill your personal wishes.
Why can we do that?
Because we know the devices because we’ve been working with these mixers and juicers for almost 4 years now, shipping more than 20,000 devices. All warranty claims, concerns and needs of our more than 10,000 customers are on our table. We believe that we are qualified to give you at least reasonable buy recommendations.
Satisfied customers are the best advertisement, so our aim is to spare you any bad buying. This is certainly in your and of course in our sense.

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