Magimix Duo Plus XL Juicer Reviews

I was looking for a juicer that could allow me to quickly concoct fresh fruit juice with a quiet motor, I found the model Duo Plus XL brand Magimix . Juicer often acclaimed for its rather exceptional juice extraction qualities I wanted to test myself this model Duo Plus XL and of course I gave you a complete test.

The Duo Plus XL: a successful design

The Magimix Duo Plus XL juicer is made for amateurs and lovers of fresh juice, homemade, in any case that is what I could roughly read on the few reviews that I saw on the internet . Allowing the preparation of any juice in record time thanks to its asynchronous motor, this Du Plus XL was delivered to me in 3 days in a packaging it must be said quite pleasant.

When you receive the Duo Plus XL , you have to wait to mount its various accessories in order to really appreciate the object. As with all juicers, the main base consists of the motor, to which will be added the spout, the basket of recovery of the pulp, and according to the models of other added components.

As for the Duo Plus XL Magimix , the number of components is quite small, assembly is facilitated. In less than 5 minutes you have your juicer ready to use and you can then contemplate beautiful object that fits in all the kitchen: both because the juicer is compact and does not take much space, but also everything simply because it’s really beautiful and the design does not change much of the Duo XL , formerly in our top 3 comparative best juicer , replaced by the Duo Plus XL.

Magimix Duo Plus XL: double function juicer

Equipped with a juicer function and a special function dedicated to smoothies in addition to the juicer, Magimix offers us with the Magimix Duo Plus XL a quality kitchen appliance that allows us to prepare a wide range of recipes. juice.

During the preparation of my juices, I could perceive the few qualities that place this Duo Plus XL high enough in my ranking of the best juicers , although I still enjoy the Infiny Press Revolution Moulinex .

Firstly the chute to insert your fruits and vegetables is really extra wide (90mm), which allows you to insert without any worries your most bulky fruits, without even having to peel them (except all that is kiwi or pineapple , the skin is not edible). This is a real plus since I save all the preliminary cutting work that is sometimes required on smaller juicers .

Finally, the other advantage is the asynchronous motor. This type of engine is very practical since it saves electrical resources. Indeed asynchronous motor will adapt its power of work according to the resistance that it will have according to the food that it will work. If the food is very hard, it will deploy all its power, but otherwise it will use a minimum of energy.

Note that in addition to saving energy this type of engine also allows to prepare so-called soft fruit recipes. Indeed most powerful juicers are not recommended for this type of fruit or vegetable because they will make the real pulpit.

For those using an asynchronous motor the result will be much more suitable and the nutritional values ​​of the food will be more preserved.

Detailed description of the Magimix Duo Plus XL

The Magimix 18057F Duo Plus XL is a juicer that ensures you an efficient extraction of delicious quality fruit juices, natural vegetables without adding sugar and exquisite smoothies and coulis with the presence of 2 very practical options as I could you say it above.

The Magimix Duo Plus XL allows full use of micronutrients and vitamins being found in the skin of your fruits and vegetables with this respectful extraction of food.
Delivered in its packaging with all its accessories, the pack with the Magimix Duo Plus XL is composed in addition to a brush made specifically to clean faster inside the juicer after use. Available in different colors the Duo Plus XL matte black chrome 400W is the most commonly used, it is also the one I ordered on Amazon.

It offers three main modes of operation:

1. Centrifugal mode
2. Mix smoothie mode
3. Juicer mode

Its main features are

An extra wide chute of 90 mm x 75 mm;
An anti-gout system;
An asynchronous motor that allows a silent and direct service to the glass;
A collapsible basket collar for ease of cleaning;
A safety button on-off, locking lid and tub for the pulp.
I definitely admire the many features of the Duo Plus XL Magimix , because for such performance, the power required for operation is low.

If you want a device to make only smoothies, look for smoothie machines .

My opinion of the Magimix Duo Plus XL

The Magimix Duo Plus XL provides exceptional juice quality without any noise pollution; the friction being extremely limited. Compared to ordinary juicers, the Duo Plus XL offers cocktails with very limited foam formation, mainly due to the precision of the motor.

More time to lose by peeling some vegetables; it allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice in record time, while retaining all their flavor and nutritional properties.

It is very easy to use and clean. In addition to its performances that are already unanimous, its sleek design forces lust. I personally find that the Magimix Duo Plus XL is less bulky than a device with pulp tank.

Apart from all this, the after-sales service offered is of high quality. The warranty offered for the purchase of parts is three years and twenty years for the engine. For me who am a little slow in the relaxation, I find that the manual proposed with the juicer is clear enough and the advice and recipes that accompany it.

The only drawbacks compared to other larger models is the impossibility of using high glasses for juice recovery because of the slightly lower location of the spout.

Small precision if you buy this Magimix Duo Plus XL , to save you time trying to understand, it is mentioned that it is necessary to operate an ejector disc at the time of assembly of the juicer . I contacted Magimix because I did not find it, the customer service made me understand that in reality it was no longer necessary to use this type of disc, they simply did not update their explanatory note.

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