Kenwood AT641A Centrifugal Juicer

Find on this page all you need to know about this Kenwood AT641a centrifugal metal sieve , compatible with the Kenwood Chef, Major and Chef XL cooking robots , with in summary summarizing qualities as follows:

If your doctor has recommended a healthy dose of Vitamin Juice every day, this Chef, Major and Chef XL Juicer Kenwood AT641a will definitely meet your expectations. It is one of the few devices that can adapt to any type of fruit and vegetables, it is part for a detailed test of this metal screen Kenwood AT641a .

With its convenient operation, you will be able to prepare all your favorite recipes and the privilege of full of vitamins with this powerful and robust Kenwood juicer . Indeed, this Kenwood kitchen robot juicer accessory (see below) is made with high performance materials that will last over time and with which it is convenient to work (especially for cleaning, we come back to it later).

During your next preparations, you will surely appreciate the speed of execution of the juicer , which will allow you to better control your time and not to wait several tens of minutes as it may be the case.

In this review of the Kenwood AT641a , I tried to bring you more precise elements for those who know a little about juicers or who want more details.

For others, you can read this Kenwood test of course, but you can in any case darken to get it, because I highly recommend it as the first juicer to have at home (it must of course beforehand a food processor from the Kenwood brand, see below).

Kenwood AT641 Juicer Compatibility

This juicer is actually a metal sieve for Kenwood kitchen robots that allows you to integrate a juicer function. Compatible with Kenwood robots of all sizes (Chef, Major and Chef XL), this AT641a juicer allows you to give diversity to your Kenwood products.

The Kenwood AT641a juicer is also compatible on all ranges of the brand, regardless of the size of your robot: Titanium, Classic, Premier, Elite, Sense and Cooking Chef .

To make this AT641a juicer compatible with Kenwood Titanium for example, simply attach it to the top of the Kenwood food processor and assemble it as described in the user’s manual. All the options of your Kenwood food processor are also compatible with the AT641 juicer (eg power, speed, etc …).

The highlights of our test

One of the special features of this Kenwood juicer is its wide chimney which guarantees you an optimal preparation environment. With its stainless steel sieve, your fruits and vegetables will be put in excellent conditions, hence the privilege of better grasp the properties of food.

In addition, the device is equipped with a cup of 1 liter accompanied by a filter manufactured in the form of basket. A professional device insofar as it will prevent the penetration of mosses during the extraction of certain fruits such as orange, lemon and grapefruit.

What makes the juicer so efficient is that all the parts are complementary and allow you to have a simple and comfortable preparation.

While the fruits or vegetables are being extracted, the cup will accommodate the juice with a spout that acts as the pourer. When it comes to solid waste, do not worry about that, because this metal sieve for Chef, Major, Chef XF Kenwood AT641A is well prepared to sort impurities with ease.

Indeed, it is equipped with a back pulp container that has the capacity to contain 500 g of rejected materials.

If you are the type that takes into account the preparation time, you will surely learn here in this test Kenwood metal sieve AT641a that this accessory has several speeds that comply with the type of food to extract through the options available on the robot at the base. Simply lock the locking latches during extraction and let the unit do the rest for a period that will meet your requirements.

Moreover, you can even mount a support at the base to make the preparation according to your needs.

Kenwood AT641a, a multi-performance juicer

“The juices are perfectly extracted, whether apples, oranges, carrots, pears, etc., and the vitamins are present”: this is one of theĀ  Kenwood AT641a reviews from a customer who is completely satisfied.

Testimonies that are unanimous because the camera enjoys a performance unique to its kind. You can make your favorite juice with any food without having to cut it.

Simply secure the pitcher using the built-in holder to fully benefit from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Once your Kenwood Chef, Major, or Chef XL is turned on , the food will be fed into a feed tube that has the capacity to support a large amount. Then, a pusher will transport the food to the filter basket that will extract them before discharging the juice into the cup.

The other advantage with this Kenwood AT641A juicer is its ease of maintenance. Disassembly is very simple and you can apply brushing and rinsing to easily clean the sieve.

Compare Kenwood AT641a: Discovering the best prices

To offer you a Kenwood AT641a juicer , you will have a wide range of choices. There are several online shops that market this kind of product with different rates.

If you also want to take advantage of free shipping, a quick tour at Amazon will save you money to buy your cheap juicer . Here, you will not pay any shipping costs, and a priori the best deals are there.

Currently, these are the two shops that offer the best prices on the market and you can take the opportunity to make a good deal. You will enjoy the best guarantees and have the chance to prepare your natural juices in your home.

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