Pointers for Choosing a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Spotting a competent window cleaning service sounds simple, but it’s not necessarily as easy as you think. For starters, there are plenty of companies offering this service today, and they can vary in many significant ways. Hence, don’t make a choice until you’ve reviewed all the essential issues involved.

Client Reviews

When looking for a window cleaner, Internet reviews can be a good starting point. Reviews are first-hand accounts of people who have actually hired certain cleaners before, so it’s a good peek into your potential experience with them. Then again, not all reviews online are credible, so choose your sources. Stick to reputable third-party websites like Yelp and Angie’s List and forget about marketing websites, which are obviously biased by default.

Licensed and Certified

As any business, window cleaning companies should be state-approved and licensed. Sounds obvious, but this is something that gets taken for granted most of the time. Many companies make a competitive offer but fail to match it with equivalent performance. Aside from the usual shoddy work, there are also significant risks to hiring under-the-table window cleaners. Legitimate businesses are insured so when accidents cause injury or property damage, you are spared from liability.


Cost is among those things that should not be used as a metric for quality. Of course, everyone will always want to save money on their window cleaning needs, but ultra-low pricing usually indicates nothing but poor quality work. As with most services, you should always find a healthy middle ground when using window washing services. To put it simply, you don’t need to get to the bottom of the barrel, but overpaying is not an option either.

Safety Measures

Safety must be your top priority when picking a window cleaning service. Therefore, make sure to steer clear of those that do not implement proper safety measures. Again, the web will be your ally for this. Spend time to do a little research, making sure you work with a company that is reputed for holding high safety standards.

Employee Screening

This is crucial for any organization in any industry. Good window cleaning companies have effective screening processes in place to determine the characters of the people they are considering to hire. You can’t let anyone less than trustworthy to come anywhere near your home.


Finally, keep in mind that guarantees are important when it comes to window cleaning services. On top of providing satisfying cleaning results, the service you hire should protect your cleaning investment as well. As with car washing services, window cleaners should also provide some type of restitution period.

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