5 tips for using your juice extractor

The juicer is a device that allows you to make juices very rich in vitamins and minerals. It is designed to accompany you for several years in your healthy diet. Here are 5 tips for using your juice extractor to ensure optimal use of your device. These tips are designed to best preserve your device and thus allow you to enjoy healthy juices as long as possible, but also to help you compose your juices.

5 tips for using your juice extractor

1. Do not pass hard elements : Your juice extractor is designed to separate the juice from the pulp. Inserting dry or hard elements is useless: not only will you not be able to extract juice, but you will also damage some parts of your device in the process. So avoid going there:

2. Cut your ingredients into pieces : it is necessary to cut your ingredients into pieces before passing them to the juice extractor. Not only does this make your device easier, but you will also avoid blockages in the extraction system. The ideal is to cut the ingredients in the same way that you cut them to eat them (carrots in slices, apples in quarters …). In the case of fibrous leaves such as kale leaf, cut them in the width direction to break the fibers.

3. Clean after use : to facilitate maintenance and prevent stains from becoming encrusted, we advise you to wash your appliance directly after using it. It will be much faster and more efficient.

4. Mix fruits and vegetables : Fruits and vegetables have very different vitamins and minerals. Mixing them makes richer and therefore healthier juices.

5. Do not discard your pulp : When you make juice with your extractor, your device rejects a large amount of pulp. This material is not a waste ! You can indeed make many recipes or find uses for it. Here are some ideas for using the pulp of your extractor .

These tips for using your extractor are intended to help you make the most of your device’s capabilities while extending its life.

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